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Garden Flag Pole Dollar Store Hack

Here is a quick hack on a garden flag pole that I got at a dollar store. This two-minute hack will more than double the life of the flag pole.
Cheap Garden Flag Pole Dollar Store HackBaseball season has started so it’s time to start flying my favorite garden flags. I’m a huge Chicago fan, so I recently purchased a Cubs W Garden Flag. You might have seen those W flags on TV before. When the Cubs win a game, a W flag is flown over the scoreboard. This tradition started in 1937, so that people outside of Wrigley Field knew if the Cubs won the game. These ‘White Flag Days’ have become a symbol of Cubs fans around the world, and people fly them all over the place. With the recent changes and success of the Cubs, I plan on flying mine around 105 times this year!

I have several small garden flags, but the pole that I picked up last year at one of those dollar stores broke. It just couldn’t withstand the elements. I checked other stores, but they ranged from $12-$15. Yes, they were much better quality but that was more than I was willing to spend. I decided to reinforce the dollar store pole to keep my cost down.

Garden Flag Pole Dollar Store Hack


two (2) garden flag poles from a dollar store
black electrical or utility tape (also available at a dollar store)
small garden flags


Remove the tags from the poles.
Place one on top of the other and wrap tape around the straight edges to hold them together.
Garden-Flag-Pole-Dollar-Store-Hack-Utility-TapeThis shows where I placed the tape on my poles. I did not place it on the bottom parts that stick into the ground.
Garden-Flag-Pole-Dollar-Store-Hack-Tape-PolesThat’s all you have to do! I used utility tape that I had on hand, but if you have to pick some up at the dollar store, this project is only $3. My new reinforced garden flag pole will last several seasons.
Cubs-Garden-Flag-Pole-Dollar-Store-HackDo you have a favorite team? Do you decorate your home or garden with their logo?

Amy Mayen

Thursday 7th of April 2016

Make do and reuse! I think it was a clever fix, and not only that but it sets a good example for our kids who are being raised in a world where everything is very disposable. Interesting bit of Cubs history too!

Diana Rambles

Thursday 7th of April 2016

I could have included more on the Cubs, but many readers don't care! LOL!

I do teach my kiddos to be frugal and reuse things!

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