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Simple T-Shirt Couples Halloween Costumes

Here are three simple ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes using t-shirts for couples. These costumes are all based on social media trends.

Halloween is lots of fun. My husband and I have enjoyed some fun parties over the years. We had a great time dressed up as 70’s throwbacks when we were newlyweds.

Here we are as cows from the early 90s. My husband helped me make these and we got years of use out of them. We still have these cows, although we haven’t worn them for years.

Now we are just too busy and don’t have the time to make elaborate costumes. If a costume isn’t quick to put together, we aren’t dressing up. I have created some fun t-shirt costumes for couples that can be thrown together quickly and worn with jeans.

Simple Couples Halloween Costumes

Hashtag Couple Shirts

Hashtag Couple Halloween Costume AD

Hashtag Couple – This costume requires a t-shirt for each person. Lay your shirt flat with a protective layer (cardboard or plastic) between the front and back.

Use a permanent or fabric marker and draw a hashtag (#) on the front of one and couple on the other. I also put a hashtag on the back of the shirt with couple and trending on the other.

This is a perfect last minute costume idea, coming or going! Can you think of a different hashtag to use?

Our Get Along Shirt

Our Get Along Shirt Couple Halloween Costume

Our Get Along Shirt – You’ve seen those pictures online of battling siblings being stuffed into the same t-shirt that says Our Get Along Shirt. How about one for you and your partner?

Buy a super big shirt. I got a 4XL in the men’s section at Walmart.

Lay the shirt flat with a protective layer between the front and back. I used poster board.

Use a permanent or fabric marker and write Our Get Along Shirt on the front.

Stuff yourselves inside and crack people up. Super simple and it just might win a costume contest.

Like/Dislike Shirts

Like Dislike Couple Halloween Costume

Like/Dislike – This costume requires a t-shirt for each person. You also need this thumbs up stencil (download link here, please right click to save), some fabric paint, and a sponge brush.

Print out the stencil on card stock. Cut out the thumbs up.

Lay your shirts flat (front of one & back of the other) with a protective layer (plastic or cardboard) on the inside. Place the stencil on the middle of the shirt and stencil the thumbs up design on by dabbing on paint with the sponge brush.

Allow the paint on both the shirts and the stencil to dry. Turn each shirt over and lay flat, leaving the cardboard/plastic in between.

Flip the thumb and stencil the dislike design. Allow the paint to dry on both shirts before wearing.

One person will have thumbs up in front and the other has thumbs down in front, and visa versa when you turn around.

People will like this costume or not! 🙂

Which t-shirt couple costume is your favorite?

How do you keep it romantic during the holidays?
Simple Tshirt Couples Halloween Costumes - Need a last minute Halloween costume? Check out these quick and simple couples Halloween costumes that will be a hit at any party!

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