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Tie-Dye Shirts at the Beach

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Learn how fun and easy it is to tie-dye with sand at the beach.
How to Tie-Dye Shirts with Sand at the Beach - Try something different on spring break. Tie-dye with sand at the beach. It's fun and easy and creates a great vacation keepsake.
A great time was had on our spring break beach vacation last month. We rented a waterfront condo and just enjoyed a relaxing week along the gulf. Our days were filled with long walks along the beach, sand castles, and gorgeous sunsets. We also enjoyed exploring the Gulf Shores area. Our trip included a lot of colorful beach crafts, including dying shirts. I thought it would be cool to try to tie-dye with sand at the beach. Instead of tying, we used sand to resist the dye.

How to Tie-Dye with Sand at the Beach


clean white shirt
fabric dyes
tie-dye shirts at the beach with sand supplies


Get your shirt wet. You can soak in a combination of water and soda ash to hold the color. I did not use soda ash, so our colors faded a little bit.
Lay your damp shirt on the beach and create a design with sand on top. The thicker the sand, the more resist you will get.Beach Tie-Dye Shirt with SandApply the fabric dye and let it set for a while. Ours was out there a little over and our. We had a lot more sand on the shirt on the right and you can see how it resisted the sand.Tye-Dye at the Beach with SandThoroughly rinse the shirt until the sand comes off and the water runs clear. I rinsed ours in the outside shower down by the beach.
Wrap in plastic or place in a plastic bag overnight. This is what ours looked like the next day.Tie-Dyed Shirts with Sand at the Beach

Aren’t those shirts great? I placed the shirts out on the drying rack on our balcony to dry and it ended up raining overnight. We had to pack up and drive home, so I placed the shirts in plastic bags. Unfortunately, the dye kind of soaked in together and we lost of varied colors. Didn’t matter to my son. He has been wearing his shirt a lot lately. It’s his spring break keepsake.Tie-Dye Shirt at the Beach for TeensHave you ever tie-dyed with sand or other alternate techniques?

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