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DIY Men’s Necktie

Here is a tutorial for how I created a men’s necktie using an old tie as a pattern.

DIY Men's Necktie Tutorial

Last week I got a message from a friend with a request to make a men’s necktie. A friend of hers was looking for a SpongeBob dress tie to wear to his daughter’s funeral. She was a fan of SpongeBob and he wanted to honor her at the funeral by wearing this cartoon tie. His daughter was a friend of my oldest son. I remember her and her family from high school marching band. Her death was unexpected and quite tragic. I cannot imagine what this family is going through. I was glad to be able to help bring the dad a little comfort with this special necktie.

When my friend contacted me I immediately searching for an online tutorial on how to make a necktie. I found a free pattern and a few tutorials. I watched several videos and decided that the easiest way to make the tie was to take apart an old tie to use as a pattern. My biggest challenge was finding SpongeBob Square Pants fabric. I called around to all the local fabric stores and they had nothing. I searched local listings and ended up tracking down some flannel lounge pants on VarageSale. The lady I got it from turned out to be a neighbor of the family and her daughter was in marching band with the deceased and my son. The flannel pants were quite worn and piled, but I was determined to make them work.

In the middle of working on the tie, I got a call from the friend who requested the tie. She located SpongeBob fabric. YEA! That would work out so much better than the stretchy piled flannel. I didn’t bother washing the fabric because I had a few hours before the visitation. Plus the starchiness of the fabric fresh off the bolt provided a good stiffness for the tie.

DIY Men’s Necktie


old necktie
fabric, 1 yard
lining scraps
twill tape or ribbon


Using a seam ripper, take apart the old necktie. You can leave the lining pieces attached to the end.
Put the interfacing piece to reuse in the new tie.
Iron the tie pieces flat.
Iron the new fabric.
Lay the tie pattern on the diagonal of the new fabric and cut out pieces.
Sew the tie pieces together along the diagonal edges.
Iron open those diagonal seams.
Cut out end lining pieces.
Pin right sides of tie and lining pieces together.
Sew together along the edges, leaving the top open. Clip corner edges.
Turn the ends and iron flat, making sure to push out the corners.
Fold over an edge about 1/4 wide (or as wide as the seam allowance on the liner) and press along both sides of the tie.
Lay the interfacing piece down the middle of the tie making sure the larger end is tucked inside the wider end.
Fold one side edge of the tie over the interfacing, pressing as you go.
Fold the other edge over and press. This edge will overlay the first edge.
Hand sew along the edge of that folded seam, making sure to not go through the front of the tie.
Hand sew twill tape or ribbon along the back of the wide end. This will provide a loop to tuck the back end of the tie in when worn.

This was a really easy and satisfying project. It only took about 75 minutes to complete. When I was asked to make the tie I was unsure if I could do it. That video made all the difference. I know I will make more ties in the future.

DIY Men's Necktie Tutorial
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