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DIY Suitcase Laundry Bag

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Create this personalized Suitcase Laundry Bag to take on your next trip. Then wash your dirty clothes in Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Fresh Clean Detergent when you return home.

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We love to travel. While most of our travels involve camping, we enjoy staying in hotels or renting a condo. That requires us to live out of a suitcase. I do not mind suitcase life, except for dealing with dirty laundry. It seems as if either we have a pile of dirty clothes outside our suitcase or the kids will mix their soiled clothing in with their clean clothes. This creates stress when packing up to go home or unpacking once we return home. I have come up with a solution for this problem. It is a Personalized DIY Suitcase Laundry Bag. We take them on each trip and then bring them home full of dirty clothes to be washed.

These sewn laundry bags were designed to fold inside a suitcase. Fill it this travel wash bag with dirty laundry throughout your trip and then simply carry it home. The bags themselves can be washed, even with laundry in them. It’s laundry to go!

Suitcase Laundry Bag Tutorial


7/8 yard of cotton fabric (44/46 inch wide fabric) for each bag.
2 yards of ribbon to match
Embroidery machine with thread to match
Sewing machine


Wash your fabric with Member’s Mark Ultimate Fresh Clean Detergent.
Dry and press the fabric.
Cut your fabric to one large 44” x 31” piece. If you started with just 7/8 of a yard, you do not have to cut it at all.

Embroider a personalized message on the top right or left half of each bag. It could say something like Eric’s Dirty Laundry or just Dirty Laundry.

Serge along the top edge of the bag. No need to serge the selvage edge sides.

Fold the bag with right sides together and serge the bottom edge closed.

Reinforce the bottom seam with a straight stitch.

Stitch the side seam together leaving a one inch opening about an inch down from the top edge. This will be the opening to thread the drawstring through.
Lay the seam around the drawstring hole flat and stitch it in place.

Make the drawstring casing by turning down one inch of the top seam and stitch.

Thread the ribbon drawstring through the bag and tie off the end.

Keep Clean and Dirty Clothes Separate

The personalized suitcase laundry bag is complete. Fold it in half (for standard carry-on) and pack flat in the suitcase.

Keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes with this travel laundry bag.

Once you get home, carry your filled bags to your laundry room to be washed. While you could just wash your garments in these bags, I do recommend taking your clothing out and separating darks from lights before doing laundry.

I like to use Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Fresh Clean Detergent because it is a great value and it removes stains the first time! The formulas in Member’s Mark laundry detergent have recently been upgraded for even more stain fighting and whitening/brightening power. Look for the new packaging for all Member’s Mark detergents. Get them in the laundry aisle at Sam’s Club.

How do you deal with dirty laundry while traveling? Create a laundry bag for each of your travelers and then clean the dirty laundry with Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Fresh Clean Detergent.
DIY Personalized Suitcase Laundry Bag Sewing Tutorial - What is the best way to do laundry while traveling? Use a Suitcase Laundry Bag for each person. This travel wash bag is like laundry to go for travelers. #travel #suitcase #laundry #luggage

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