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White Elephant Gift Ideas – Potty Edition

Several years ago, I posted White Elephant Gift Ideas, which has been a very popular post.  This year, I bring you the White Elephant Gift Ideas Potty Edition, which focuses on handmade gifts with a bathroom theme.

graphic for potty edition of white elephant gift ideas

Create one of these silly white elephant gift ideas for this year’s Christmas party.

White Elephant Gift Ideas Potty Edition

These gift ideas will surely cause many laughs because bathroom humor is always funny!

Jar of Elephant Poop

Take a jar and glue a plastic elephant on the lid. Spray paint the elephant lid. I sprayed my elephant silver to match the lid, but white would work, too! I got the elephant at a dollar store and glued it onto an old food jar.

Fill the jar with edible elephant poop. I made the edible poop by mixing crunchy chow mein noodles, peanuts, and melted chocolate chips.

The little piles of poop were formed and let them harden on wax paper.

a jar filled with chocolates with an elephant on the lid

Embroidered Toilet Paper

How funny are these? I made these rolls of toilet paper using my embroidery machine.

If you do not have an embroidery machine, purchase them on Etsy.

stack of embroidered toilet paper

Toilet paper can be customized with just about any saying. Great for a White Elephant Gift Exchange, but also perfect as a gag gift for a birthday, retirement, or other special events.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug & Coffee

Take a white coffee mug and an oil-based pen and write ‘Coffee Makes Me Poop’ on it. Bake the mug to set the writing. Learn how to customize a mug here.

coffee makes me poop mug

Pair it with a bag of coffee and crack people up. A teen was the lucky recipient of this at our party this year, and he said, “Coffee Makes Me Poop and Fart!” That would be a hilarious saying too!

Edible Doggie Poo & Pee

Fill a jar with lemonade or a yellow sports drink to represent the urine. Create poop by shaping sandwich cookie balls. These cookie balls are made by crushing a package of sandwich cookies and mixing them with a block of cream cheese.

The poo and pee were put into a Christmas gift bag with a dog on it. That bag had a sign around the dog’s neck that said ‘I ate Santa’s cookies’, but I changed it to ‘My gift for you’.

dog potty humor gift bag

Poop Art

How about some bathroom art? I created two free printables that can be framed and hung in the bathroom. Grab the Keep Calm and Poop here. Grab the Live Love Poop here. These files automatically download, so please check your files.

Do you have any potty-related gift ideas to add here? I hope your gifts are the hit of the party!

White Elephant Gift Ideas Potty Edition collage
Embroidered Toilet Paper

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