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Casserole Dish Carrier Tutorial

Create this simple casserole dish carrier for yourself or gift it to a friend.

Casserole Dish Carrier Tutorial - Create this simple casserole dish carrier for a 9x13 dish for yourself or gift it to a friend. I

Tonight is the second meeting of the sewing swap group I am in and we are exchanging 9×13 casserole dish carriers. I believe that everyone is planning on making a carrier with wooden spoon handles, but I like do my own thing and am doing something different. I researched casserole carriers on Pinterest and saw some styles I liked, but nothing that was exactly what I wanted. Here is what I created.

Our swap group is focused on using materials we have on hand or can buy very cheaply. I don’t have any insulated fabric on hand and didn’t want to buy any. I considered using terry or fleece for padding between layers, and then it hit me to use pre-quilted fabric. I had a piece on hand that I got at our local craft thrift store a while back that seemed like the perfect size.

Casserole Dish Carrier Tutorial

Supplies for 9×13 dish
3/4 yard of pre-quilted fabric
2 packages double fold bias tape to match
piece of matching/contrasting fabric for handle
felt or fleece for handle padding
2 large snaps
thread to match

The pre-quilted fabric piece measures 27″ x 44″. Cut off a piece that is 9″ x 27″, which will become a hot pad. Fold that piece in half to form a double thick pad and pin. Sew bias tape all the way around the edge of both the hot pad and the 27″ x 35″ dish carrier. Set aside while you make the handle.

Cut a piece of handle fabric measuring 7″ x 25″. Cut a strip of felt or fleece measuring 3″ x 25″. Fold down 1/4″ along the long side of the handle and press. Lay the the padding down the center of handle, fold over 2″ of the edge opposite of turned down edge, and press. Fold the other edge up and press. Stitch across the folded edge. Add 2 more stitched lines on each side of the handle. My handle piece had a salvage edge, so I did not turn 1/4″ down.

Take the handle and pin it in place along the middle of the carrier. Stitch the handle in place at the edge of the carrier. I folded under and edge to keep it neat.

Cut off a 12″ piece of bias tape and sew it closed along the open end. Cut in half to form 2 loops. Pin the loops in the middle of the sides that don’t have a handle as shown below. Stitch in place.

At this point I thought I was done with the carrier, but I didn’t like how the looped ends gaped open, so I added some big snaps to each end.

These pre-quilted fabrics are fun to use because they make the carrier reversible. If you want the hot pad reversible then cut it in half and flip the one side before edging with the bias tape. That hot pad is intended to go underneath a hot casserole to give extra insulation on the bottom.

I am pleased with how it turned out and I think my friend will like it. I love that I was able to use supplies I had on hand. You may not have these supplies on hand, but you can still make this without a lot of cost. My carrier is loose around the dish, so you could get away with a smaller piece of pre-quilted fabric.

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