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Work with Diana

Want to partner with Diana Rambles? My guidelines are below. Please email me for rates.

  1. All posts are permanent.
  2. Partnered/sponsored links may be removed and/or replaced at my discretion after one year unless they are renewed.
  3. Partnered/sponsored links that are time-limited (i.e. giveaways, coupons, deals, freebies) may be removed and/or replaced after expiration at my discretion.
  4. All posts are amplified via my social media channels.
  5. All ads and sponsored content are subject to my approval and must be family friendly.
  6. Per FTC regulations, all partnered/sponsored posts are disclosed. Disclosure language may include “sponsored” or “in partnership with”. Partnered/sponsored social media posts include the hashtag #ad or #sponsored.
  7. All outbound partnered/sponsored links on my site are coded no-follow.
  8. Please see my Disclosure Policy and my Privacy/Cookie Policy.
  9. I do not accept guest posts.

updated: 6/18/19