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White Elephant Gift Ideas

Check out these unique White Elephant Gift Ideas.

white elephant gift ideas

We’ve been hosting a White Elephant Gift Exchange at our annual Christmas party for years. Here are some of the favorite White Elephant Gift Ideas that have been used.

A White Elephant is a gift exchange where you are supposed to bring something that you can’t seem to get rid of or some kind of gag gift.

We just had our 12th annual party and I’ve gone through most of the junk in my house, so I will buy or create something to give.

For the exchange itself, people bring their gift wrapped and we take turns opening gifts.

We assign an order for opening, and upon your turn, you can either unwrap a new gift or steal one that has already been opened. Once a gift reaches the 3rd person (stolen twice) it cannot be stolen again.

Here are some great ideas for a White Elephant exchange.

Silly White Elephant Gift Ideas

Embroidered Toilet Paper 

How funny are these? I made these rolls of toilet paper using my embroidery machine.

Toilet paper can be customized with just about any saying. Great for a White Elephant Gift Exchange, but also perfect as a gag gift for a birthday, retirement, or other special events.


Personalized Items

Take a funny photo of someone and adhere it to something. This can really bring in some big laughs if you use the right photo.

You can see the corny picture of my friend in the ‘got wine’ hat. It was the perfect addition to a bottle of wine with her initial on it.

The pic of my friend to the right is from last year’s New Year’s Eve party that I put on an iPhone cover.

We’ve also added photos to ornaments, snow globes, and candles.

white elephant gift ideas

Fish & Chips

This was an idea that a friend came up with a few years ago.

It was so funny to unwrap a bag of live* fish along with a can of chips. *Consider using goldfish crackers instead of a live fish.

white elephant gift ideas

Thrift Store Finds

I love browsing thrift stores and finding items.

I usually get Christmassy stuff, but other themes can be funny too. This is what I found last week.

Dancing/singing items go off well, such as hamsters, other animals, or trees. Festive hats or other accessories are good too.

white elephant gift ideas

Re-gift (Reoccurring) Gift

Every year people leave gifts they don’t want at our house. Sometimes they hide them and we don’t find them until later.

I usually try to alter those gifts and use them the following year.

Last year this duck cookie jar got left on our counter.

It sat there ALL year long. My daughter and I decorated it with fabric scraps, Modge Podge, & glitter this year.

It brought in lots of laughs! It’s back on our counter. We might need to make some clothes for the duck next year!

white elephant gift ideas

White Elephants

Finally, elephants are a popular choice. In particular, white ones.

We’ve started a little elephant collection at our house. First came the teapot, then the salt & pepper shakers.

That scary looking elephant at the bottom of the picture is a head of the animal I made in a pottery class. It has Xmas 2008 etched in the back. It actually belongs to my wine-o friend shown above.

white elephant gift ideas

What fun White Elephant Christmas Gift Ideas do you have?
White Elephant Gift Ideas - Check out these Silly White Elephant Gift Ideas that are sure to make you the hit of the office party. These unique gift ideas will have everyone saying you brought the best gift to the Christmas party. #WhiteElephant #WhiteElephantGift #GagGift #GiftExchange #ChristmasParty

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Mother of 3

Sunday 18th of November 2018

These are some really funny ideas! Pinned.

Diana Rambles

Monday 19th of November 2018

Thank you!!

Sarah Alvord

Thursday 19th of December 2013

Love these ideas! We have an ugly sweater/white elephant party every year and it is always a blast to see what people come up with. Always a night of laughter. Linked to you from A Glimpse Inside. Thanks for sharing.Sarah @

Crochet Hooks

Wednesday 11th of December 2013

Love them :) Especially the duck! Thanks for sharing on Snickerdoodle Sunday!

Britni Vigil

Tuesday 10th of December 2013

Diana, these are hilarious. Thanks for sharing on the weekend re-Treat link party!

Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

Katie Adams

Saturday 7th of December 2013

These are all such fun ideas. Thanks for sharing. The fish and chips is hilarious!

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