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56 Vegan Blogs You Should Visit

Here is a collection of great vegan blogs that you should check out. While I have created a few vegan recipes such as Grandma’s Homemade Veggie Soup, I prefer to make recipes created by other bloggers.

collage of vegan recipes

I am coming up on my third anniversary of becoming plant-based and I am still learning so much about the lifestyle. While I am a fan of Forks Over Knives (they featured my success story),, and PCRM, I have also found many vegan bloggers that I like to follow.

Here is a list of those top sites with a vegan focus.

Vegan Blogs

Here is a list of 56 vegan blogs. You will probably see some familiar names, but will certainly find new sites to follow.

My Favorite Sites for Vegan Recipes

I frequently cook recipes from these vegan blogs.

WFPB Sites

These blogs serve up Whole Food Plant Based options.

Gluten-Free Vegan Sites

These sites feature gluten-free recipes.

More Than Recipes

These blogs include recipes and more!

Vegan Recipe Blogs

These blogs are focused on vegan recipes.

collage of vegan recipes
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