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Pokémon GO Bookmarks Free Download

Check out these free Pokémon GO Bookmarks that can be downloaded for the Pokémon fan in your life.

Pokémon GO Bookmarks Free Download

I love Pokémon GO. I spend nearly two hours a day playing. It may seem foolish or a time waster, but I am out walking my 11K+ steps a day so why not capture a JigglyPuff or Pikachu along the way? It adds a lot of interest into daily walks that can get downright boring. You can see all my reasons for playing Pokémon GO in my Why This Gen X Mom Plays Pokémon GO post.

Pokémon GO Bookmarks for Books

A few weeks ago I offered some free Pokémon GO Lunch Notes that have become quite popular. I now have some matching free Pokémon GO bookmarks for download too.

Pokémon GO Bookmarks

Pokémon GO Bookmark

These bookmarks are perfect for readers of all ages. Do you have a child that is reluctant to read? Give them one of these fun bookmarks to encourage them to read.

Free Pokémon GO Printable

Pokémon GO Bookmarks Free Printable
Pokemon GO Lunch Bookmark Printable Download

Aren’t these bookmarks adorable? Click the image below to download the free set. I recommend that you print with card stock on best quality settings. You can even laminate them to make them last longer.
I hope you enjoy these bookmarks! Do you play GO?

Free Pokémon GO Bookmarks Download - Get your child excited about reading with these free Pokémon GO bookmarks. Just download, print and let a Pokémon keep track of where you are in your book.


Wednesday 31st of August 2016

I've been thinking the Pokemon Go was good also! It gets kids out walking around.

Diana Rambles

Wednesday 31st of August 2016

Paula, I am seeing more adults out playing these days. Probably because school is back in session, but getting exercise is always a good thing!

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