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Pokemon Gift Tags Free Printable

Use these Pokemon Gift Tags for holiday or birthday gifts.

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Pokémon Gift Tags

Over the past year, I’ve offered my readers a variety of free Pokemon printables that have been very popular. Most have been party printables, but now I have something a little different to take to the party. It is Pokemon Gift Tags to be used on your Christmas or birthday presents.

pokemon gift tags

You may wonder why this Gen X blogger posts about Pokemon. My kids have grown up on Pokemon. That means that I have watched hours and hours of Pokemon on TV with my children. I also play Pokemon GO so that I can identify many pocket monsters. I like to put the popular ones into my free printables.

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So, let me tell you a funny story about my son and Pokemon. In 2010, we drove to Alaska and back as a family to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

wrapped christmas gifts with pokemon tags

Our oldest was in high school at the time and wasn’t thrilled about the trip. He just wanted to be able to use his phone and get some internet and not have to spend so much time with his family.

We said maybe he would find some kids his age. A majority of people who drive to and from Alaska are retired folks. Our family with a toddler, tween, and teen was quite an unusual sight.

At one of our stops, we ran into people traveling with their teen granddaughter. She was a cute girl around our son’s age who was thrilled to hear that we had a teen. When he went to meet her, he said, “I like to play Pokemon.”

We teased him for a long time about the horrible pick-up line. He still likes to watch Pokemon and play Pokemon GO.

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Anyway, I hope you enjoy these Pokemon Gift Tags. Just download, print, and cut; they are ready to use. You can get the Plain and Christmas Pokemon Gift Tags here. Click, and it downloads automatically. Check your download folder for the file.

wrapped gifts with pokemon tags on them
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