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Pikachu Party Banner Printable

Print this Pikachu Party Banner for your next Pokemon Party.

Today is Pokemon Day. Pokemon launched in Japan 21 years ago today. Pokemon GO is celebrating with special Pikachu with party hats.

To join in the fun, I created Pikachu Party Banner printables. Check out my Pokemon Bingo too.

Free Pikachu Party Banner

We are still playing Pokemon GO. I know that kids do not play anymore, but many adults still do.

I think we play because it gives us a reason to get out and walk. Or rather, we are out walking to get our 10,000+ steps per day so we play Pokemon GO.

We are excited about the Gen 2 Pokemon that came out recently. It has given us a lot of new Pokemon to catch.

Back at Christmas time, Pokemon GO had a special event where you could catch Pikachu with a Santa hat. We caught a lot of them and powered up so that we have a Raichu with a Santa hat too.

The Pokemon Day event going on right now has these adorable party hats on Pikachu.

I created a free printable party banner with Pikachu on it. Since posting this, I have added Detective Pikachu banners to this post.

There are three different poses of Pikachu with party hats. One has a balloon and another has a cupcake. The other set has a detective hat and magnifying glass on each banner.

I made them on both a pink and blue background. Get the download at the bottom of the post.

Print and hang one color or a mixture of both. The banner can be strung on a ribbon, tied together with a ribbon, or even clipped to a banner.

Print it out on cardstock and attach to a stick to display in your tablescape. Pokemon gift tags are perfect for party favor bags.

Pokemon Party Ideas

These would look cute with Pikachu Juice Box Covers or a Pink Pokemon Party or a Pokemon Valentine’s Party.

Mix and match for the ultimate Pokemon Birthday Party.

Pika! Pika! Happy Pokémon Day!

Get the Pikachu Party Banners here and the Detective Pikachu Party Banners here. Take a look at all of the Pokemon printables.

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