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My Plant-Based Lifestyle

Hello there! I am Diana, and this is my site, Diana Rambles. I want to tell you that I love my plant-based lifestyle!

woman flexing muscles on a pier
December 2020

My Story

If you know me personally; you know that I tend to ramble on about my current fancy. Since I started this blog in 2009, those ramblings have changed from everyday personal life to bento lunches, sewing American Girl Doll clothes, camping (which I moved to Let’s Camp S’more), and frugal life. Now, the primary focus in my life and on this blog is my plant-based lifestyle. I have left non-vegan content up because that is who I was before, but now it is about healthy living.

In August 2019, my husband, Eric, and I became vegan. Read all about the positive changes from a plant-based diet that I posted in January 2021.

In August 2021, I posted a 2-year since going vegan update.

Now it is the new year, and I have appeared in the 2022 winter issue of the Forks Over Knives magazine and on the FOK Website.

January 2022 Update

I have maintained my weight loss of 40 pounds. I still want to get down to 22.5% BMI, but I have not been working too hard on it. 23.5% BMI is still good!

I have been dealing with many personal issues and have been doing counseling/self-help to deal with childhood traumas. That, along with this lingering pandemic, should probably have seen me gaining weight, but I have not.

comparison photos of Diana Rambles from June 2019 and December 2021

Honestly, I have been having too much bread. It is not a daily consumption, but I have not de-floured my diet, as suggested by Dr. Greger in How Not to Diet. When I have bread (Eric makes fantastic soft pretzels), I go overboard. It is just better for me to not keep it in the house.

My extra weight continues to be around my middle. I feel off the core-strengthening wagon but still get lots of activity.  I got a new Fitbit recently that tracks heart rate, so I am committed to getting 60 zone minutes each day.

Mental Health Clarity

My WFPB lifestyle choice has helped me face the challenges of dealing with my ailing mother and the entire trauma that has dragged up. Being physically strong has made a huge difference with getting mentally strong.

woman hiking at South Mountain in Phoenix
Phoenix – December 2021

Early Morning Alertness

Since working on mental clarity and really becoming whole, I find that my sleep has adjusted.  I drop by 10 pm and wake up around 6 am refreshed and ready to start the day.

I start my morning with journaling and meditative thoughts and am much more productive. It is helping me with my 2022 word of the year: presence.

Thank you for stopping by.

My Vegan Recipes