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Minion Tie Dye Shirt Tutorial

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Who loves Minions? Here is a fun tutorial for a Minion tie dye shirt.

Two of my nephews have birthdays coming up. It has been a while since I’ve seen them and I want to send something really special to them. I like to give handmade gifts that reflect the recipients’ interests. I asked their mom to give me a few ideas of their favorites and I headed to Walmart for inspiration. I was going down the aisle toward the craft section and I saw this Hallmark display of Minion cards. They love Minions!! My daughter helped me pick out a few cards for her cousins and I started thinking of what I could make them.

You have seen me post embroidered items from time to time. I love having an embroidery machine and I often make gifts with it. I know my one nephew likes to wear polo shirts, so I decided to embroider a small Minion on a yellow shirt. I headed over to the boy’s section and picked out two plain yellow polo shirts. I was getting so excited about how this was coming together.

Before we headed to the other side of the store for groceries, I went right back to the Hallmark aisle to pick out some gift wrap. There was a huge selection of of various colors and prints for birthdays and other special occasions. I myself am partial to gift bags because they are so simple. I picked out a bright set of birthday bags and some tissue paper to match. I was able to knock out my birthday shopping quickly, which thrilled me. I hate wandering around the store trying to come up with a good idea. I had everything I needed for the birthdays in about six minutes.

The Minion polo shirts were fun to make. Aren’t they cute? I am very pleased with how they turned out and I think they are going to really like them.

I love how easy Hallmark makes it to celebrate special occasions. From cards to wrapping paper to stuffed animals and more, Hallmark has it all!

Here is one of the Minion cards that my daughter picked out. I love it because the Minion in the clip on is wearing tie dye. I am not a hippie, but I love tie dye! This little Minion in the colorful shirt just makes me smile. I want one for myself!

Seeing this card got me thinking that if I Minion could wear tie dye, why not make a Minion tie dye? I decided to be a little abstract with this idea and go for the big Minion eye.

Minion Tie Dye T Shirt Tutorial

Minion Tie Dye Shirt Instructions

  1. Lay your damp shirt flat.
  2. Pinch the center of the shirt where you want the pupil to be. Wrap a rubber band just under inch down from the tip.
  3. Continue to wrap rubber bands for a little over two inches. This will prevent dye from reaching the white of the eye.
  4. Wrap a rubber band just under an inch down to create the section for the goggle.
  5. Continue to gather the shirt and wrap rubber bands around the shirt several inches apart.
  6. Dye the eye sections black.
  7. Dye the rest of the shirt yellow.
  8. Optional: Add blue dye to the bottom edge of the shirt to create a denim look of Minion overalls.
  9. Finish off the dying process according to the dye instructions.

Who is the Minion fan in your family? Do you love tie-dye like I love tie-dye?
Minion Tie Dye Shirt Tutorial - Does your child love Despicable Me and the Minions? Have fun creating this Minion Tie Dye shirt for them to wear all summer.

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