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Joyoung Soy Milk Maker Review

Here is my review of the Joyoung Soy Milk Maker and blender combination. I love this new machine!

Joyoung Self Cleaning Blender making Soy Milk

Since turning vegan and focusing on a whole food plant-based diet, I have consumed foods that start in their original form as much as possible. Although, there are still processed foods that go in my shopping cart. I have been eliminating this one by one.

One such food is plant milk. I have made oat milk and almond milk in my Vitamix, but it turned out too gritty and did not taste good.

I asked my friend Tiff how she uses her soy milk maker. She described the process of soaking and peeling the beans, which seemed more work than I was willing to do.

Therefore, I started researching high-end soy milk makers. I soon realized that Joyoung was top of the line.

Joyoung Milk Machine

Joyoung is a Chinese company known for making soy milk machines for home use. With thousands of patented technologies, this company is known for producing superior kitchen appliances.

I had a few criteria for a soymilk maker. It needs to be a machine that does all the work and has to match my kitchen’s aesthetic.

Most nut milk machines come in white, black, or silver. Black or silver would go with the appliances in our kitchen.

I read after review after review and returned to the Joyoung brand. Their appliances are top quality yet expensive.

We settled on the Joyoung Y521 Fully Automatic Blender, which has eight cold and heated blending functions.

Soy Milk made in a Joyoung Y521 Fully Automatic Blender

Cost Break Down

I had been purchasing aseptic cartons of organic soy milk. When I did the math, I realized I was spending about $21.78 per gallon.

That, along with the waste from the milk cartons, made me know there had to be a better way.
I have calculated that the 60 grams of organic soybeans needed to create 32 oz soy milk are 19¢. When you do the math, it costs $0.78 a gallon.

It is a big upfront cost, but I’m avoiding the extra sugar and additives that come with soy milk from the store. And I am not clogging landfills with aseptic cartons.


I love the ease of use and that I don’t have to pre-soak or peel beans.

How it Works

The Joyoung Y521 is easy to use. Fill the reservoir with purified water, place the ingredients in the blender cup, and select the proper cycle. The machine blends the ingredients, creates the plant milk, then automatically runs a self-clean cycle.

self-cleaning Joyoung soy milk machine
automatic self-cleaning cycle

To create soy milk, I measure the soybeans with a kitchen scale, rinse them, then add them to the cup on top of the machine. The cycle is 32 minutes to ensure that the beans are properly cooked and fully digestible.

Nut milks and oat milk are quick cycles because they do not need to be heated.

Joyoung Soy Milk Maker FAQ

Do you have to strain plant milk made in a Joyoung machine?

The milk does need to be strained to remove thick particles. Do this with the quality nut milk bag included with the appliance.

How does the soy milk taste?

We do not drink plant milk by itself but instead mix it with drinks, cereal, oatmeal, and baking. That being said, this milk tastes equivalent to store-bought milk.

My daughter creates oat milk using agave, a splash of vanilla, and a little shake of salt.

How do you store homemade soy milk?

We keep the plant milks we create in glass jars in the refrigerator. A dry-erase marker marks the type of milk on the outside of the glass.

Does this machine only make soy milk?

No. This machine can create all sorts of plant or nut milks such as almond, oat, cashew, pistachio, and macadamia nuts.

Does the Joyoung blender make any other drinks?

Yes. The machine has a cookbook with juices, soups, and milk recipes.

We have been experimenting with various fruits and vegetables to create juice. 160 g of chopped produce, along with one cup of water and a dab of vanilla, makes a beautiful juice.
green juice in a Joyoung Y521 Fully Automatic Blender

Is this machine loud?

A few reviews complained that this milk-making machine was loud. It is no louder than our Vitamix. I can still listen to an audiobook through earbuds while it is running.

Does it take up a lot of room on the counter?

This machine takes up more room than a blender but less room than a KitchenAid stand mixer.

Before blending, can you add flavors, spices, or sweeteners to the milk?

Yes. You can mix it up by adding cocoa powder or a sweetener. We created horchata with dates, syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon. It was delicious.

Is a Joyoung milk machine worth the cost?

Yes! We have been delighted with our Joyoung Y521 Model. The newer Joyoung Y1 XXL Fully Automatic Blender replaces our model.

If you are okay with the extra work or make milk very often, the Joyoung DJ06M Model may be better for you.

We are creating about a gallon a week, which means we will recoup our costs in less than a year.

drinks made with a Joyoung Automatic Blender
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