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Girl Scout Cookies Game Printable 2024

Download and print this Girl Scout Cookies Game to help your troop girls learn the cookie varieties and be prepared for sales this year. The downloads can be found at the bottom of this post.

This has been updated to include the 2024 cookies.

collage of the Girl Scout cookie game pieces

It is that time of year that everyone around our nation loves. It is Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Pretty soon, Girl Scouts across our country will ring doorbells and ask if you want to buy Girl Scout Cookies.

2 Girl Scout cookies

If you are a scout leader or cookie mom, you are probably busy planning your sales. See my tips for Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales.

You might be worried about how your girls will do, especially if you are a Daisy leader. I have created a Girl Scout Cookie Game to help ease your concerns.

2 Girl Scout cookies

Over the years, I have created updated versions of these Girl Scout Cookie Games.

I find myself looking back at the old versions of this game to figure out which one has the right cookies. To make it easy for you, I am going to update this post each year with any new cookies.

2 Girl Scout cookies

The two bakeries that make Girl Scout Cookies are ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. Our council used to sell the cookies from ABC Bakers, but now we sell the Little Brownie Bakers varieties.

The three cookies have the same name for both bakeries: Thin Mints, Trefoils, and Adventurefuls. There are debates on whether they taste the same or not.

Your girls will probably encounter someone asking for cookies from the other bakery.

I also offer a Girl Scout Law Game and Make New Friends Song printables.

2 Girl Scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Games Printable

I created this game with 9 colors. I recommend that you print out the game board on regular paper and then laminate it.

The game cards were printed on cardstock and then cut out to use.

everything you need to play the Girl Scout cookie game

Each girl should get a zippered snack-size plastic bag with the game cards, 4 gem game pieces, and 2 dice. I got the gems and dice at a local Dollar Tree.

Girl Scout Cookie Game printable

The following instructions are included in the printable.

GS Cookies Game Instructions

Object: For the scouts to learn the cookie varieties being sold and the pricing of these cookies.
Supplies: Girl Scout Cookie Time Game Board (laminate for durability), Girl Scout Cookie Time Game Cards (on card stock, cut out), dice, game pieces (glass gem pieces or similar)

Set-Up: Each girl gets a game piece (2-4 girls per board). Shuffle cards and place face down.
Play: Roll the dice to determine who goes first. Take turns in clockwise order.

Variation One: The first player rolls the die (or 2 for older girls). They say the number that comes up and then tell everyone the price of that many boxes of cookies. (For, if your cookies are $4/box and they roll a 3, their answer should be $12.) If they get the answer right, they pick a game card and move forward to that space, stating the type of cookie. Keep playing (reshuffling the cards if necessary) until someone reaches the end. You may just want to use the named and/or pictured cards at first for younger girls or until they are aware of the varieties.

Variation Two: Remove one of the sets of cards so that there are matches of 2. Place cards face down in a grid. Girls take turns by turning over 2 at a time in an effort to make matches. If they get a match, they can roll 1 or 2 dice and move forward those many spaces. You will probably need to reshuffle the cards to get all the way through the board.
or Create your own Variation!

Get older scouts involved in helping younger ones play.

GS Cookie Game collage

I hope your cookie sales go well! Throw a Girl Scout party to celebrate when sales are over.

collage of the girl scout cookies game printable

Click on the images of the cookies below to download the Girl Scout Cookie Printable for your bakery’s version. The game will automatically download. These have been updated for 2024!

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