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Enger Tower Park in Duluth

Every trip to Duluth is complete with a trip to Enger Tower. This stone tower was built in 1939 and is part of Duluth Parks and Recreation.

3 image collage from Enger Hill Park in Duluth Minnesota

We stopped for two nights in Duluth on our summer camping trip along Lake Superior. Since the calm and clear weather, I wanted to sit on a bluff and view the city.

We were staying along Skyline Parkway at Spirit Mountain, which has impressive views from the chairlift, but I wanted a place to sit and take in the picture. 

We drove along Skyline Parkway, stopping a few times at overlooks to reach Enger Tower. The road winds and is steep in places, but our small motorhome handled it just fine.

Enger Tower Park

Enger Park is located at one of the highest points in Duluth. This municipal park is home to Enger Tower, a 5-story tower made from native stone harvested from its grounds.

There are a series of parking areas at Enger Park. We visited around 11 am on a Friday and found parking for our 25-foot-long recreation vehicle.

We immediately walked up the paved path and climbed 85 steps inside the tower. Open-air windows exist on all eight sides of each floor of the building.

Woman entering Enger Tower in Duluth

Standing 531 feet above Lake Superior, this tower is the most fantastic place to see the lake, harbor, Duluth, Superior (Wisconsin), and the St Louis River. I stood there taking in the panoramic view for 45 minutes and was reluctant to climb down. 

The famous Duluth Lift Bridge opened, letting some small private boats pass underneath. The next time we visit, we will check the ship traffic report and be there when a great lakes tanker passes.

View of the Lift Bridge in Duluth MN

Japanese Peace Garden

A lovely peaceful garden is on the grounds. It features a rock garden and a bell that you can ring.

The gardens at Enger are a popular spot for weddings.

Japanese Garden at Enger Park in Duluth Minnesota

World Peace Bell

The bell has an interesting story. During World War II, an old temple bell was donated as scrap metal for the war effort. It never got melted down. In 1946, crew members of the USS Duluth found the bell and brought it back to the US. It was presented to the mayor of Duluth.

In the 50s, a Japanese professor was visiting the University of Minnesota, found out about the bell, and asked for it to be returned to Japan. The mayor agreed and sent it back.

In Japan. A replica of the bell was cast, which included an inscription of Duluth. The reproduction bell was sent to Minnesota. In the 90s, a pavilion was built to house the bell. It is the world peace bell between the sister cities of Duluth and Ohara-Isumi in Japan.

American-Japanese Peace Bell in Duluth

Duluth Overlook

After ringing the bell, we walked over to the gazebo. We sat on one of the several benches in the area and looked out over the lake for several more minutes. 

Even though there were other visitors around, it was very peaceful! The Enger Tower and grounds was my favorite stop in Duluth.

Duluth Harbor View from Tower Overlook

Enger Park Address: 1601 Enger Tower Dr, Duluth, MN 55811

Enger Park is open from May 1 to October 31. Admission to enter and park at the park is free.

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