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DIY Squirrel Baffle from PVC

Are you tired of squirrels stealing birdseed from your bird feeders? A Homemade Squirrel Baffle made of PVC pipe might be your solution! Not only is it an easy DIY project, but it can also be a great way to get the whole family involved in bird watching.

Squirrel Baffle from PVC Pipe for bird feeders

I love to watch birds. I would call myself a bird watcher, but that indicates a person who is good at identifying birds. That is not me. I have been considering getting a smart bird feeder that identifies birds, but it would be a waste if no birds come due to squirrels being on the feeder.

I have tried to deter squirrels in different ways, from squirrel-proof feeders to homemade baffles. None of those have worked. 

Upon recent research, I discovered that a wide PVC pipe would keep squirrels and raccoons at bay because they lack opposable thumbs to climb.

How wide and long does a pole need to be? Squirrels can jump about four feet off the ground and nine feet across. Therefore, place a barrier at least four feet up and over nine feet from a fence or branch.

PVC Squirrel Baffle

This baffle is made to pair with an extra-tall shepherd’s hook. The hook had a metal piece sticking out near the bottom that we cut off to fit it through the pipe.

To make this baffle, you need the following:

  • 5 foot long 4″ wide PVC pipe
  • 4″ flat PVC endcap
  • optional: plate/disc*
  • drill
  • wide drill bit

A flat disc can be an additional block for squirrels and a perch for birds.

supplies needed for a bird feeder baffle

How to Make a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Baffle

To make your own squirrel baffle using PVC pipe, follow these simple steps:

  1. Mark the middle of the end cap. Optional: Mark the center point of the plate/disc.
  2. Drill a hole in the end cap and disc big enough to slide the shepherd’s hook/pole through. 
  3. Slide the disc onto the pole, and then slide on the end cap.
  4. Put the hook through the PVC pipe and then stick the hook securely into the ground. 
  5. Secure the PVC against the ground by sliding the end cap down and in place at the end of the tube. 
  6. Hang your bird feeders.

drilling hole in the middle of a PVC endcap

That is all there is to create a squirrel baffle for a shepherd’s hook. It has been satisfying to see the squirrels thwarted from accessing the feeders. They still get seed that drops, so it is a win-win for the backyard wildlife.

To attract different birds to your feeder, consider offering a variety of seed types and using a water source to create a welcoming environment for birds. Check with your local extension office for feed recommendations. I learned that black oil sunflower feed and a suet cake are best for the overwintering birds in our area.

birds feeding in the snow

Happy bird watching! 

Yield: 1 baffle

PVC Pipe Squirrel Baffle

Bird Feeders on a pole with a PVC squirrel baffle

Stop squirrels from stealing birdseed with a homemade PVC squirrel baffle. This easy DIY project will have the whole family enjoying bird watching.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty medium easy
Estimated Cost 30


  • 5 foot long 4" wide PVC pipe
  • 4" flat PVC endcap
  • optional: plate/disc


  • drill
  • wide drill bit


    1. 1. Locate the center of the end cap and mark it. Optionally, mark the center of the plate/disc as well.

      2. Drill a hole in both the end cap and the disc that is large enough to allow you to slide the shepherd's hook or pole through. We cut off the metal piece at the bottom of the hook so that the pipe and cap can be slid into place.

      3. Slide the disc onto the pole, and then slide the end cap onto the pole.

      4. Insert the hook through the PVC pipe and then firmly plant it into the ground.

      5. Secure the PVC pipe to the ground by sliding the end cap down and positioning it at the end of the tube.

      6. Finally, hang your bird feeders on the hook.


*A flat disc can serve as an additional squirrel block and a perch for birds to rest on. We started with one, but it broke off during a storm.

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