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DIY Ice Pack Eye Mask

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Create this ice pack eye mask for sleeping when you have a headache.DIY Eye Mask Wrap for Headache with Ice Pack Pocket Tutorial - Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Create this ice pack eye mask for sleeping. This sleeping eye mask gives you headache relief.

I suffer from migraine headaches. Fortunately, they have become fewer and fewer as I age, but they are still debilitating. When I get one of these powerful headaches, I want quick relief. I get it from taking medication and laying down in a cool quiet place with my ice pack eye mask on. You too can make an eye mask that holds an ice pack using my tutorial below.

Eye Mask for Sleeping

It seems like migraine headaches come on at the worst times. There is no good time to have a headache, but it’s bad when they wreck those special moments of life. I remember when a headache tried to ruin my daughter’s first day of school. I was so nervous and stressed for her that a migraine headache was triggered the night before school started. My daughter was super excited and wanted me to see her new school and her classroom. That is something I wouldn’t miss for the world! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to drive her to school, let alone go to the school with the intense pain I was in. I took an Excedrin® Migraine, put on my ice pack eye mask wrap, and went to bed right away. Not only was I able to get some decent sleep, I escorted my daughter to Kindergarten the next morning.

When I get a headache, I want to just hide in a cool, dark, quiet place. That isn’t always possible with our active household. That is why I created this eye mask head wrap. It’s a wide band that goes around my head. It covers my eyes to create darkness, my ears to create silence and a pocket to insert an ice pack to create coolness. It’s a functional sleep mask!

DIY Eye Mask Headache Wrap


soft gel ice pack
dark fleece fabric
optional: contrasting fabric
hook-and-loop binding
measuring tape
matching thread
sewing machine


Measure the circumference of your head to determine the length of your wrap. Add 4 inches to this measurement for overlap.
Measure the height and width of the ice pack. Add 1 inch to get the height measurement of your wrap.

Cut out two rectangles of fleece fabric using the measurements you came up with. My rectangles were 26″ x 6″. I used a dark fabric for the lining and a fun tie-dye print for the outside of the wrap.
Turn down the top edge of each rectangle 1/4″ and stitch.
Divide the measurement of the ice pack width in half to use for the pocket.
Pin the rectangles with wrong sides together. Fold the band in half longways and measure out the sewing lines for the pocket using the previous measurement.
Stitch the top and lining of the wrap together along the edge from pocket opening to pocket opening.
Turn the eye mask wrap inside out and sew the side seams for the pockets.
Place the ice pack into the pocket and place around the head to determine hook-and-loop placement. It should not be loose enough to move, but not too tight that it put pressure on the head. Sew the hook-and-loop binding in place to finish the eye cover head wrap.
Here is the finished headache wrap.

Place the ice pack headwrap on whenever you have a headache or need to block out light and sound for good sleep.

Do you suffer from headaches?
DIY Eye Mask Wrap for Headache Tutorial - Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Create this ice pack eye mask for sleeping. This sleeping eye mask gives you headache relief.

Harvey Lee

Thursday 4th of May 2017

I want to try this ice pack eye masks because I am suffering from migraine. I was looking for such kind of eye mask to get rid of my problem and finally I got this. I will definitely make this eye mask. Thanks for tutorial.

Diana Rambles

Thursday 4th of May 2017

I hope it helps lessen your suffering! Thanks for stopping by.

Cristi Comes

Monday 24th of April 2017

Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I could definitely use one of these for when I get headaches. Just had one last night in fact! ugh. {client}

Diana Rambles

Monday 24th of April 2017

I used this over the weekend when we camped! {CL}

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