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Cave Point County Park

On our recent spring break trip, we visited Cave Point County Park in Door County, Wisconsin. This public park, located on the east side of the peninsula, is a must-visit.

a view of Frozen Cliffs at Cave Point County Park with the sun shining

This was our third visit to this Door County natural wonder. Twice we camped at Peninsula State Park.

Being that it was mid-March and we were nearly 45 degrees north latitude, the weather was still wintery. I checked recent photos on Google maps and saw that the ground was icy, so we packed our Yaktrax.

Visit Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park has a Sturgeon Bay address, but it is located about 14 miles northeast of town. The town of Sturgeon Bay is located on its namesake, which is situated off the east side of Green Bay. Green Bay, which is part of Lake Michigan, ices over in winter. It is a stark contrast to the rest of the lake on the eastern side of the peninsula.

sunset over frozen Rileys Bay on Green Bay of Lake Michigan
frozen Green Bay on west side of Door County

Things to do and see at Cave Point

  • Lake Michigan
  • amazing views
  • limestone cliffs with blowholes
  • underwater caves
  • cliff jump
  • swim
  • hike
  • kayak
  • picnic
  • fish
  • birdwatch
  • photography
  • sunrise
  • Scuba dive
  • shipwreck nearby

beautiful icy shoreline at Cave Point Park

Cave Point in Winter

The weather was perfect during our winter visit. It was sunny with temperatures in the upper 30s. The windy conditions created large swells on the lake, which crashed into the rocky cliffs.

In certain spots, the crashing waves create a high spray, which is cool to see. You can tell where this happens by the larger amounts of ice.

rainbow in the spray of a wave hitting the icy shoreline at Whitefish Dunes State Park

The rocky shoreline is shared with Whitefish Dunes State Park. We walked along the ridge south through the park and captured many great photos and videos.

This was one of the most amazing and beautiful places we have ever been to. It was everything I imagined and more!

limestone cliffs covered with ice

Caution! You need to watch your step and keep track of children along the cliff’s edge at Lake Michigan. Crampons or spikes are a must along the slippery shore in the winter.

icy cove at Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park in Summer

This Door County park is most popular in the summer months, often resulting in full parking lots. There are 400,000 visitors to this county park, which is the only one known within a state park.

Cliff Jumping

Cave Point is best known as a cliff jumping destination. We jumped off the cliffs into Lake Michigan on a visit in August.

2 people Jumping off a Cliff into Lake Michigan

I was a little unsure but ended up jumping twice. My husband and daughter jumped several times.

While our first visit was at the hottest time of the year, the lake was quite chilly. Even if jumping off the rocks is not your thing, you will enjoy watching others do it.

two people jumping off a cliff into Lake Michigan

See the Cliffs from the Water

Just north of the park, you will find a few outfitters that offer kayak rentals and tours.

Depending on weather conditions, you can see underwater caves and explore the coves along the shoreline. We recommend paddling on a calm day.

kayaking in Lake Michigan at Cave Point County Park
image credit: Pixabay

Have you been to Door County?  It is a beautiful part of a Lake Michigan Circle Tour

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