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DIY Cat Tree for Small Spaces

Want to create a Cat Tree for your cat? Make this Cat Condo from an old stool. It is perfect for an apartment or other small space.

cat sitting on top of a stool

My son got a cat. This adorable tabby cat is named Jasmine. My son is so in love with her.

We are quite smitten with her too. We wanted to get Jasmine a cat tree, but my son has a limited amount of room in his small apartment.

He only has seating for a couple of people, so I decided to make Jasmine a cat condo out of an old stool.

It allows for someone to sit on top but gives the cat a lot of options for lounging and playing.

DIY Cat Tower with Hammock

This small cat condo has a hammock, a scratching post, rubbing brushes, and hanging toys.

cat condo with toys, a hammock, and scratching posts made from a stool

Homemade Cat Tree Supplies

For this easy pet tutorial you will need the following:

supplies for a cat condo


  1. wrap and glue the jute around one leg of the stool
  2. saw the handle off of the hair brushes and glue to another leg
  3. cut fabric to cover the seat and pad and staple into place
  4. remove the stick from the cat toys and staple and glue to underside of stool
  5. cut two squares of the cat fabric for the hammock
  6. sew the two fabric layers together
  7. cut strips along the each side of the hammock, removing a square from the corners
  8. tie the hammock onto the stool rungs using a double knot

Cat Tree Instructions collage
tying fleece onto a stool

Didn’t this homemade cat tower turn out great? It’s a fun cat condo that offers a scratching post, a place to rub, a hammock to lounge in, bat toys from above, and a top perch for the cat or a human.

We took the condo over to my son’s and the cat knew it was for her. She climbed up on the top perch right away.

Jasmine just loves her new cat tree!

cat on a homemade cat condo

More DIY Pet Projects

Yield: 1 condo

DIY Cat Tree from a Stool

Cat sitting on a Cat Stool Tree

Save space in an apartment by creating this Cat Condo out of a stool

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty medium easy
Estimated Cost $15


  • Stool
  • Pad
  • Cat fabric (I used fleece)
  • Jute
  • Hair brushes
  • Cat toys on a stick


  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Scissors
  • Hand saw
  • Staple gun
  • Measuring tape


  1. Heat up the hot glue gun.
  2. Tightly wrap the jute around one leg of the stool, gluing in place as you go.
  3. Saw the handle off of the hair brushes.
  4. Sand the back of the brushes and the side of the stool leg.
  5. Glue the brush onto the sanded area.
  6. Cut out a circle to cover the seat of the stool. I just used the pad that came with the stool as a guide and added about 4".
  7. Using the staple gun, attached the seat cover to the underside.
  8. Remove the stick from the cat toys.
  9. Glue and/or staple the toy to the underside of the stool so that it will hang down for the cat to play with.
  10. Measure the space between the bottom rungs to determine hammock size.
  11. Adding 4" to the rung measurements, cut two squares of the cat fabric.
  12. Sew the two layers together by stitching a square along the rung measurements.
  13. Cut out a 2" square from each corner.
  14. Cut 1" strips along each side of the hammock.
  15. Tie the hammock onto the stool rungs using a double knot.


I would love to see your cat creation! Please share a photo on this pin on Pinterest.

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