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Camping Party Movie Night with Free Printables

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We just returned from a camping trip where we enjoyed a camping party movie night. Host your own with these free campfire printables.Camping Party Movie Night with Free Printables - Love camping but can't go? Host a camping party at home with these free camping themed printables. Perfect for a birthday party or movie night in the backyard.

We had a wonderful time on our spring break trip to the Land Between the Lakes in Tennessee. It’s a beautiful area that we enjoyed exploring. We also got a new phone for our daughter before the trip, which allowed her to keep in touch with her friends back home.
My daughter loves the new phone! Her favorite feature is the camera. She took hundreds of photos on our camping trip. She got some great shots.

While we hosted this camping movie night out at the campsite, you can enjoy one yourself at home or in the backyard. I’ve provided free camping themed party printables to enhance your party at the bottom of the post. Before we had the party, my daughter and I created a portable tabletop campfire craft. Want to have a campfire at your camping party movie night, but can’t have an actual fire? Make a tabletop campfire like this one.

Portable Tabletop Campfire


Base for campfire (We used a clear plastic tray)
String of lights
Sticks for “logs”
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
Orange, Yellow, and Red fabrics or tissue


Heat up the glue gun.
Arrange rocks around the end of the base and glue them in place. Leave a small gap in the back for the lights cord.
Place the lights on the base inside the rocks. String the cord through the opening in back.
Arrange log sticks across the top of the rocks to build your fire. Glue the sticks in place.
Cut the fabric and tissue into varying shapes and lengths and glue into place around the sticks to resemble fire.
Add more log sticks and fabric to complete the campfire.
If necessary, glue more rocks in place to hide the string of lights.
Plug in the cord to light the faux fire.
We had a lot of fun creating this campfire. It looks great!

Camping Party Movie Night

One of the highlights of our trip was this Camping Party Movie Night. We enjoyed a variety of camping foods before watching our movie under the stars. Camping Party Movie Night with Free Party Printables - Love to go camping but can't leave home? Host a camping party in your backyard with these free camping themed printables. Perfect for a birthday party or movie night. width=
Our party food included hot dogs, fruit, veggies and dip, drinks, s’more mix (recipe below), popcorn, pretzels, and snack cakes. Since the camping theme included a campfire, I used orange and red fruits and vegetables to resemble fire. The chocolate snack cakes resembled logs and included food picks made with one of the free printables. Drinks included water in bottles and juice boxes. Both are decorated with cute campfire labels. The food was displayed on red or clear containers or in cast iron skillets. The other party printables included food tent labels, scattered circles, and a camp banner. I enhanced the display with pinecone garland, jar lights, mini lanterns, a chalkboard, and a piece of tree bark. A red checkered tablecloth is a must for a camping party, along with checkered napkins and pie plates.
This camping party was just as much fun to put together as it was to partake in. The evening concluded with a movie shown on our outdoor movie screen. This was a simple white tablecloth strung up between two trees. We used a projector to watch the movie.
Here is the simple recipe for the S’more Snack Mix. No roasting needed!

S’more Snack Mix Recipe


graham cracker cereal
chocolate chips
mini marshmallows
S'more Snack Mix Recipe
This snack mix is super simple to make. Just mix the three ingredients in a large bowl and enjoy. I used a 12 oz box of cereal, a 12 oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows. The ratio of these sizes was perfect. The snack mix was served in paper sacks with S’more Snack Mix labels attached with jute at our party.

Can you tell that we had a lot of fun at our movie night party? Host your own using these free camping party printables.

Download HERE.
Camping Party with Free Party Printables - Love to go camping but can't leave home? Host a camping party in your backyard with these free camping themed printables. Perfect for a birthday party or movie night. These free printables include a camp banner, water bottle and juice box labels, food pick toppers, and food labels.
Enjoy your party!
Tabletop Portable Campfire Tutorial - Create this faux fire to be used at a camping party or for other backyard fun. This fake campfire is easy to make using items found in nature.
S'more Snack Mix Recipe - Create this simple snack mix that tastes just like s'mores. No campfire needed!

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