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Bunny Butt Easter Pudding Cups

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Enjoy these cute Easter pudding cups that have a bunny butt jumping into pudding cup of dirt.

Spring is my favorite time of year! I just love the rebirth of the earth from winter. The days are longer, trees bud and flowers bloom, we get to spend time outside, and we get to have some Easter fun! I love dressing up, time with family and friends, egg hunts, and Easter treats. Here is a cute and easy Easter treat to share with those you love this Easter.

Bunny Butt Easter Pudding Cups

These adorable bunny butt cups are really easy to make. Ingredients include chocolate pudding cups, chocolate graham crackers, Oreos, mini marshmallows, pink candy melts, and shredded coconut.

Crush the graham crackers and place on top of an opened pudding cup. Carefully pull apart the Oreo cookies. Melt the candy melts and decorate a mini marshmallow that has been cut in half. Dip the tail into the coconut before applying to the cookie. Place the bunny into the pudding so it looks like it’s diving into a hole. Complete directions can be found at the bottom of the post.

Bunny Butt Puddin' Cups Tutorial - Learn how to create these adorable Bunny Butt Easter Pudding Cups.

Variations: Use original or other creme colored Oreos to make different bunnies. You can also use a different color of candy melts or white sprinkles for the fuzzy tail.

This tasty treat is made with Super Snack Pack Pudding. My family loves these easy to open cups. I love that they have the same amount of calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk. Snack Pack now comes in a 6 count of larger sized cups. These Super Snack Packs come in chocolate or vanilla and can be found at Walmart. I picked up all the ingredients for these adorable Bunny Butt Puddin’ Cups in one quick trip to my local Walmart.

Aren’t these adorable? These great tasting treats disappeared quickly. I will definitely be making more to take to an Easter party at our friends’ house.

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? What special treats will you make for Easter this year?

posted 11 March 2015

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