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Bicycle Christmas Wreath

Here is a tutorial for an easy Bicycle Christmas Wreath made from a bike wheel. My Rosette Wreath is at the bottom of the post.

I like to think of us as eco-minded people. We recycle, reuse things as much as possible, and try to not be wasteful. My husband commutes to work by bicycle, and I carefully plan out my errands so I don’t have to make extra trips. I even reuse containers for storage and crafts. These are little steps, but I think every bit helps.

My husband loves bicycles. In fact, he was on a bicycle when we met! He loves looking at pictures of bicycles online and enjoys just about anything with a bicycle theme. He volunteers at the local bike cooperative and encourages others to bike. Tinkering with bikes is his favorite hobby. He likes to find bicycles that people have set out with their trash, fix them up, and then donate them to the bike co-op. Because we have a lot of bicycle parts around here, I thought it would be fun to turn a bicycle wheel into a wreath for our front door. Since I was using a wheel from a bike my daughter has outgrown, I challenged myself to use supplies I had on hand to create a Bicycle Christmas Wreath that is both festive and eco-friendly!

Bicycle Christmas Wreath

bicycle wheel
small styrofoam ball
battery operated lights
cable ties, tape, or twist ties
bicycle ornament

Place a small styrofoam ball on the backside of the bike axle. This will protect your door or wall from damage.
Wrap the wheel with garland. I wound mine around and tied the ends at the top of the wreath. I wanted to reuse the wheel, so I didn’t use glue.
Place batteries in the battery pack and attach between the spokes. I used two cable ties to hold mine in place.
String the lights through the bike spokes.
Attach the bow to the top of the wreath, covering up the light battery pack. My bow had a twist tie.
Add the bicycle ornament to the axle. I took the loop attached to the handlebar of my ornament, pulled it over the axle, and then attached underneath the bike seat.
Hang it on a wall or over a door using a wreath door hanger.

Wreath Made from a Bicycle Wheel

Didn’t the Bicycle Christmas Wreath turn out great? It took longer to fish the supplies out of storage than it did to put together. My kids have been trying to be the first to turn the wreath lights on each day. These battery operated lights are the perfect addition to the wreath. I already had them from last year, so the only thing I needed to purchase for this wreath was batteries.

Since this wreath is made from recycled materials, I thought it was important to use recycled batteries.

We are going to enjoy this wreath for the next month, and then I will remove the decor and have my husband put it back on the bicycle. The bike will be donated to the bike co-op, which gives free bikes away to children in need.

Bicycle Christmas Wreath - Create a unique Christmas wreath with an old bike tire. #Christmas #wreath

Have you ever made a wreath out of other items?

Rosette Plate Wreath

Today’s post for Dollar Tree Craft Week is a Rosette Plate Wreath.

Rosette Plate (Charger) Wreath $2.50 & up
Foil Charger Plate $1
Bow 2/$1
Festive Ribbon $1
Fabric on hand
Hot glue gun

Make fabric rosettes. I watched a few video tutorials to learn how to make them. I cut various widths so that the rosettes would be different sizes. I glued the rosettes directly to the plate. Glue ribbon to hang on back. Glue bow on front.

This was my first time making fabric rosettes and boy did it take a lot longer than I thought it would. I even burned my finger on the hot glue. But I think the outcome was worth it!

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