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Best Travel Workouts

This travel workouts post is sponsored by Silver & Fit.

Here are free ways that you can get exercise while on the road. You can also get the feel of travel while at home by taking classes streamed from great locations around the work.

a woman taking yoga on a pier next to a harbor

I love to travel. I am also hyper-focused on my health and well-being. That means it is important that I eat well and get proper exercise. Not just when I am on the road, but when I am home too.

Recently, I shared how I transformed my body by adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Now I will share my favorite ways to get exercise.

Best Home & Travel Workouts

Here are some ways to get exercise while traveling:

  • walking/running
  • hotel gym or pool
  • online exercise classes

Daily Walking

I walk every single day. My addiction to walking is so strong that I feel strange if I do not walk. I have worn a fitness tracker for several years now counting my steps.

woman's foot walking on a beach

When I change my lifestyle, I adjusted my fitness tracker to keep track of active minutes rather than steps. I found that it was important to vary the types of exercise that I get.

woman standing on wooden boardwalk that goes through sand dunes

Hotel Workouts

When we travel and stay in hotels, I like to get a workout in the gym or pool. At home, I used to do strength training at a nearby recreation center. Social distancing has changed that so I no longer go to the gym.

Camping has become our safe travel of choice, but there are no workout rooms at a campground.

woman doing an exercise class at a campground next to an RV

Travel Workout No Equipment

I have discovered that there are many workout options online, even if you do not have exercise equipment. I particularly like the free offerings from Silver&Fit. These classes are offered on Facebook and YouTube and can be taken in the privacy of your own home, in a hotel room, or even outside.

woman showing how a lunge on a beach is one of the best travel workouts

Silver&Fit classes geared for older adults of all fitness levels. They offer nine classes a day focused on cardio, yoga, strength, and flexibility & balance. They even offer dance and tai chi. All these great options come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Sometimes I catch the class live but most of the time I take a recorded class on the Silver&Fit Facebook page. I can take a class anywhere my phone goes, even at the beach!

woman on the beach in front of the ocean taking an exercise class

Streaming Classes From Around the World

With restricted travel, my favorite workouts are the International classes. These are taught from beautiful locations around the world. I take these classes and I feel like I am right there with the instructor poolside, on a balcony, or by the ocean. The International classes are streamed live Monday-Saturday at 5PM EST/2PM PST.

woman taking an exercise class on a pier

As you can see from the schedule below, Silver&Fit offers 54 classes a week. Classes are offered on the hour Monday through Saturday starting at 11AM EST/8AM PST through 7PM EST/4PM PST.

online exercise class schedule

How do you keep fit when you travel or when you cannot get to a gym? I encourage you to check out all the great offerings from Silver&Fit.

woman doing a plank outside in the grass
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